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opposition, and some say the reyes for president boils down to one state, what each candidate did there to impress voters . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's monday, november 5th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. it is the eve of the election. the campaigning is just about done. the polls open in just a matter of hours, and the reyes for the white house will decide the future course of the nation. for the top two candidates, it's a sprint to the finish. republican nominee mitt romney planned one last campaign stop before ending back in massachusetts where he was governor tomorrow night. the scene is already being set at the boston convention center where romney will either celebrate a win, concede or continue to wait. meantime president obama's campaign ends tomorrow in his
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adopted home toun of chicago where democratic volunteers made their final calls on the 2012 campaign. when all is said and done, the focus will be on swing states, and one in particular. reporter nicole collins reports on the candidates' final push for ohio and why it is so pif toll. >> thank you, ohio. what a welcome. thank you. >> oh. oh. >> battleground, ohio, it's 18 e lek trorl college votes and reputation for picking president haves the candidates clam moring for its undecided voters. >> america's got a choice to make. you in ohio, you've already been making the choice because you've got early vote. >> between vote campaigns, more than 40 visits in the last six months, and a combined $116 million on advertising, now they hope their investments lead to high voter turnout. >> i want to make sure that we get everyone to the polls either now or on tuesday. >> ohio voters have chosen the winner in the last 12 presidential elections. a real clear politics average of
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o ho polls shows president obama ahead by nearly three points. ohio's governor says it's enthusiasm that matters. >> god created pollsters to make -- to make astrologers look accurate, you know. it's all about turnout. >> president obama is expected to do well in ohio's big cities but the outcome could hing on rural and suburban areas. >> these are place where is the republican traditionally can be counted onto get 60 to 70% of the vote. so does the democrat cut into that margin by two, three, four points or not. >> in a last-minute schedule change, romney decided to head back to ohio on election day. >> one last visit to ohio doesn't change the fact that the people of this state have rejected what mitt romney is offering. >> the obama campaign says the president will spend his day in chicago doing mete media interviews. he has no plans to leave the state of illinois. in washington, nicole collins, fox news. here at home, thousands of people have cast ballots at san francisco's city hall but still elections numbers, officials say
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the number of early voters is lagging. precinct workers are getting ready for tomorrow. the director of election says so far early turnout this presidential cycle just isn't measuring up to the 2008 presidential election. >> it's a bit lower than i expected at this point. today i would have expected around 14, 15,000. i got 7,000 in. art says he expects a crush of people flooding in tomorrow and the city will likely see a typical 71% turnout rate for presidential election. governor brown and other state leaders are on a final push to pass prop 30. ahead in 11 minutes the late surprise twist that may innuance some voters deciding the pif toll state measure. a south bay principal today was sentence today probation, not jail time, after being convicted for failing to report suspected child abuse by a teacher. lynn vijayendran sat quietly this afternoon after the jury's guilty verdict was read. vijayendran was the principal at san jose's elementary school. she testified she blooefd teacher craig chandler when he
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said he blindfolded a young student and touched her as part of a lesson on helen keller. members of the jury said today vijayendran didn't do what she should have. >> when you have the responsibility of huns of children in your care, you can't afford to drop the ball at an important moment like that. it was just -- it was -- she got horrible advice from hr, and she didn't do what she knew she should do. >> along with two years' probation, vijayendran was also sentenced to pay $600 in fines and restitution and serve 100 hour of community service. a 67-year-old man from san ramon died this afternoon in a fiery car crash near brentwood. it happened about 1. 45 this afternoon on vasco road. the highway patrol says the subaru drifted across the lanes, overcorrect and had hit a mercedes head on. the driver of the mer say dees was killed while the subaru driver suffered minor injuries. a third car was hit but no one
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in that vehicle was hurt. northbound vasco road was shut down for several hours. sweshlgs if you like sunshine you couldn't ask for much more from a november day. there was record heat in some bay area locations and as care ra lou reports, it has san francisco residents heading outdoors. >> across the city folks were soaking up the sunshine. >> it's amazing. november in san francisco. i'll take it. a lot better than what's happening on the east coast right now. >> dana shattner spent hours at de lor es park with her daughter. other wrs playing in the playground reading and sunbathing. one guy even let his chi wau wau loose on the pigeons. >> this is sadie, and she says her fairt thing to do is chase pigeons. honestly when we get days like this, it's all about her, walk around the city, try to spoil her. >> we found people cycling, running, practicing hand stands, walking the dog and enjoying the fresh air and clear skies.
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>> it's glorous weather. it's out of season that, you know, in san francisco you -- you expect the unexpected all the time. >> thanks today light savings the sunset earlier tonight at 5:06 p.m.. and here still a lot of people outdoors after sunset enjoying the warm weather. in san francisco carol lou, ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails now. here's a few of today's record temperatures. santa rosa, downtown oakland, and san jose reached 84 degrees. all three are new records for this day, but change is on the horizon. meteorologist rosemary orozco will run it down for us later in this news cast. on the east coast residents recovering from last week's massive storm are now bracing for another. more than 1 million homes in new jersey and new york are still without power. now forecasters are warning about a nor'easter expected to hit wednesday. this next storm is expected to bring rain, wind, and freezing temperatures to the region. authorities say it could also
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cause more power out ajs. so life in the northeast is beginning to return to normal. more than 1 million students returned to school today after week-long closure due to last week's superstorm. most but not all schools were reopened today. in the hardest-hit areas, dozens of schools remain closed due to structural damage and power issues. san jose place say a 23-year-old man is now under arrest for this past weekend's fatal shooting of a father of three. investigators say gal have a knew the victim, 2-year-old robert. investigators say it appears gal van and agulto got into some kind of argument prior to the shooting early saturday morning. he is the 40th homicide victim in san jose this year. last year there were 40 homicides for the entire year. giants' fans celebrating the big victory with vandalism will cost san francisco's transit agency at least $1 million. muni says that insurance will
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not cover the torching of the bayshore express bus. san francisco police are looking for two arsonists seen in this video. they arrested 22-year-old gregory for allegedly smashing the windshield on the bus but today pled not guilty and acknowledged responsibility. authorities say at least one other person helped destroy that windshield. fire investigators in continue cost county say a molotov cocktail may have start add fire at a pleasant hill beauty salon. the fire started after something was thrown through the wind doe of magic touch salon. they say they also found an unexploded molotov cocktail outside the business. the fire caused about $1 hun thousand of damage to that salon. no arrests have been made. police in fremont say the naked man shot and killed by police officers last night was chasing his estranged wife with a knife. police were called to a townhouse on central avenue near low began drive about 11:00 last night. officers say they saw a woman run out of the home followed by
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the knife-wielding man. officer say they ordered him to drop his weapon, but when he failed to do so, they opened fire. >> they were really quick shots really close to each other, less than ten, happened very quickly, and then we heard a woman screaming across the street. >> authorities are not releasing the man's name. that's expected tomorrow. neighbors questioned why officers didn't use a taser. police say because the man was coming after his wife, officers used an appropriate level of force. ktvu joined other businesses today to present a donation to the widow of a fallen highway patrol officer. karen young strum accepted a check for $26,000 at a ceremony in walnut kreevenlth the donors included chevron and ktvu/kicu represent by our general manager. it was two months ago when officer kenyon jung trum was shot and killed. today's event was organized by the charity group police and fire fallen he rows. a gas leak in san francisco prompted evacuation this morning
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at pear 15. investigators say construction crew struck a gas line about 10:00 in the morning. fire officials say pier 15 was evacuated. the leak was capped in about 45 minutes. the evacuation was lift and had streets were reopened around noon. a busy intersection in san francisco's north beach was water logged briefly today. the pse says contractor struck a water main valve. ktvu's news chopper 2 was above that geyser just before noon. crews capped the brake after one hour. we're getting a new perspective of yesterday's dramatic rescue after a boat cap sides. the sonoma county sheriff's department shared with us this video taken by a helicopter camera. in all seven people including four children were rescued. authorities say no one on board was wearing a life jacket. governor brown joins huns of people for rallies for proposition 30 in san francisco. why opponents have their backs against the wall and are accused of money laundering. picket lines are up and workers are on strike at a bay
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area grocery chain. the added dilemma shoppers face today while buying groceries. a near repeat of the heat is expected for your tuesday with cold wet changes just a few days away. i'll have what you can expect for your area coming up woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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. several miles of a major interstate are still closed tonight due to a wild fire burning in southern california. the 350-acre fire started around 11:00 a.m. along i-15 in the ka hone path in san bernardino county. it's now 10% contained. fire officials say the steep terrain and sant an na winds are making the fire difficult to fight. san francisco is one step closer to a ban on public nudity. a board of supervisors today
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unanimously approved the ban. it now goes on to the full board. nudity is currently allowed in public spaces throughout the city. supporters say that nudity is a form of expression. opponents say it's bad for business. governor jerry brown is sweeping through the state today. this comes amidst news that to defeat proposition 30. jana cot live in san francisco where the governor just wrapped up a rally. >> gasia, he was here about an hour and a half ago with a last-minute plea for prop 30. polls show it is skating by just you should the majority need today win. >> are you ready to win tomorrow? . >> at governor jerry brown's last campaign stop, they pulled out all the stops. >> keep the california dream alive. yes on 30. >> power house politicians joined forces at a gentlemen on prop 30 rally in san francisco. >> university of california has increased tuition once, twice,
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three times, can't do it anymore. >> this amp ach uc berkeley, students were drumming up support. the governor already allocated $6 billion to 12 skools prop 30 will pass. the measure are raise revenue by temporarily hiking the sales tax and increasing income tax on those making $250,000 per year. >> i think rather than taxing, what we really need in california is we need to cut back on spending. >> the no on prop 30 campaign did get a slap on the hand today from the california fare political practices exhibition. the watch dog group accuse it had no on 30 campaign of money launders for resooefg $11 million from arizona nonprofit and failing to reveal the source in campaign ads. >> it sdruz to say who actually paid for it and this is what they did not do and the voters have a right to know who pays for these ads. >> california republicans say it's a matter for the court and hope voters will --. >> at the end of the day i think voter wills reject it as they did in 2009 when we had a tax
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increase on the ballot because they realize this isn't really about education cuts. it's about a tax increase. >> in order to pass prop 30 we'll need to get more than 50% of the vote tomorrow. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu's election night coverage start ts at 4:00 tomorrow amp over on channel 2. it'll continue during our normal time slot for bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. you can go to for election results throughout the night. arizona's controversial abortion ban is now being heard in a san francisco federal courtroom. the nine circuit court of appeals today began considering the constitutionality of the law. arizona is among ten state that is banned abortion after 20 weeks, but it is the only state to calculate pregnancy from the woman's last menstrual period instead of the date of conception. abortion rights activists say that means the law is really a ban from 18 weeks, not 20. we're learning new information about a two-year-old killed yesterday after falling into a wild dog exhibit at the
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pittsburgh zoo. officials say the boy was killed by the animals, not the fall. they say the boy fell off a railing and bounced out of a safety net into an enclosure. the dogs are now in a 30-day quarantine and the exhibit has been closed indefinitely. the zoo is scheduled to reopen tomorrow. apple is reporting a strong debut for its newest ie pad. the cupertino company today announced it sold about 3 million ie pads in the first three days since the mini model's friday debut. the full-size ie pad got an update friday, as wefrnlts a federal judge today threw out a lawsuit filed by apple against motorola mobility. the suit filed last year claim it had google subsidiary and mobile device maker had unreasonably high patent licensing fees. google officials say they're pleased with the dismissal. apple declined to comment. ahead of tomorrow's presidential election, the dow gained 19 points after spending much of its day in the red. nasdaq rose 17 thanks in part to a boost from apple which gave 1
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and a half percent. workers at bel air grocery stores in northern california and nevada are on strike tonight with no scheduled negotiations in sight. rob ross tells us what the workers are demanding and how the strike is affecting customers. >> here at this striking workers politely ask shoppers not to buy their groceries here. sometimes it worked. >> today i'll just drive a little farther and hit another store. >> sometimes it didn't. >> when i would, maybe then it's time to ask for more. >> after 15 months of failed negotiations, some 7,000 workers walked out early sunday morning. workers are upset that wants to eliminate premium pay for work sundays but their biggest concern appears to be what they say sa proposal to reduce health benefits and eliminate them all together for older retirees. health and welfare is huge. i've got a family of three. i've got a wife.
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we've gone through the hospitals. >> a company spokesman says raleys is no longer demanding changes to benefits but the company did say in a statement quote we must reduce our operating cost to become more competitive against non-union retailers, which would include wal-mart. shoppers at the pleasanton and san ramon stores estimate there were half the number of customers inside today than on a typical monday. one customer included this san ramon man. >> why. >> because i want to see the store stay. would you rather see a wal-mart here. >> no negotiations have been scheduled so there's no telling how long this strike will go on. in san ramon, rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. an exciting day at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. this afternoon crews install add 35,000-pound piece of precast concrete. in all the stadium will have more than 40 million pounds of precast concrete. we're told the stadium steel is 60% complete and the stadium is on schedule to open for the 2014
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nfl season. the release of fish took on some added meaning today for one group of bay area students. coming up how their hatchery is bouncing back from recent troubles. record-breaking heat in the middle of fall. meteorologist rosemary orozco will let us know when we'll see a live on your computer smart phone or tablet. get the app or go to [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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. streets near oakland's jacques london square are getting an upgrade. city and railroad crews began resurfacing the roadway and upgrading the railroad tracks on embark der row west between webster and clay streets. the construction is set to continue this week and next from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. it was a pretty hot day to be doing that hot kind of work. our meteorologist rosemary orozco is here to tell us how oakland is one of the city that is broke a record today, right. >> yes, gasia, several records today. take a look at this. i've highlighted them in orange. 84 santa rosa, oakland 84 redwood city. 90 degrees in gil roy, a new record here. this is actually the airport, san francisco airport, 79 a new record. downtown did not hit a record. meanwhile the oakland airport did so oakland downtown and we are talking about oakland airport both breaking records
7:24 pm
today. the sun has been down for about two hours or so set about 5:07 and take a look still mild out there, 72 san ra kel, mid 60s in concord, 67 in napa, 71 san jose, a light offshore breeze continues mostly clear skies in the overnight hours. that's going to help to really cool us back. we'll wake up in the upper 40s to low 50s. your satellite radar here, there's the element responsible for this warm weather. take a look at that ridge. wow, a large ridge of high pressure in place for tomorrow, as well storm track still well to the north now eventually this ridge is going to be pushing east. by wednesday we'll begin the bigger cooling impacts and then by thursday and friday this is going to allow for a storm to drop out of the gulf of alaska, really cool us back even bringing us a little bit of mix of rain and snow perhaps to some of our local mountain sos we'll be tracking that for you. here's a look at what we can expect over the next few days. tomorrow temperatures will be
7:25 pm
similar. we are expecting an an shore sea breeze by the afternoon so along the coast perhaps not as hot but most of us will see a near repeat for tomorrow afternoon. by werngsz 10 to 15 degrees cooler so we'll feel that first and then by thursday scattered showers in the forecast and temperatures will really plunge. take a look at the forecast here, pick it up for you thursday morning notice we have rain over northern californiament it does move our way. the center of the storm right back here and that will keep us unsettled with cold conditions and the possibility of scattered showers in the forecast through friday. meanwhile we've got a nice day expected for tomorrow. we'll start out a little cool. upper #50s in oakland, 54 san ra kel, 56 redwood city. mostly clear skies mild as we get into the second half of the morning and into the afternoon and a look at your afternoon highs for today widespread low to mid 80s i should say for tomorrow expected for the north bay, low to mid 80s expected inland east bay, upper 70s once again for the east bayshore line, upper 07 #s to low 80s in the santa clara valley, 80
7:26 pm
degrees expected for san jose, 79 redwood city, 76 expected in san francisco, 70s and 80s along the beaches today. we'll scale that back a few degrees, low 70s in the forecast and then the bigger cool down comes wednesday. rain in the fore tas thursday, friday, maybe a little bit of snow for our local mountains and then slowly rebound. gasia. >> thank you, rosemary. thousands of salomon were released into the north bay waters. petaluma high school tending to 10,000 sam monoat the tiburon hatchery the last six months. last year the same was targeted by vandals who cut the net and let the fish go just days before the students were set to release them. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight we are live in boston and chicago at the end of the campaign trail ahead of tomorrow's critical presidential election. we're always here for you at ktvu doiblt. tmz is up next right here on tv
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